The British Patellofemoral Society

The British Patellofemoral Society (BPFS) is an organisation of healthcare professionals working together towards providing better care and information for patients with patellofemoral joint conditions.


Patients can use this website to find out further information about patellofemoral conditions and treatments as well as searching for specialist surgeons in their region.


Healthcare professionals with an interest in patellofemoral conditions can access the latest research and techniques and we would encourage your membership in the society.


There are resources available for download for patients and professional healthcare workers. If you have any further questions, please get in touch here.

picture of society members standing on a wide stairwell in the foyer

Patients can find information on common patellofemoral joint conditions and the treatment options available.

We aim to promote the development of patellofemoral surgery and to foster education and research in this area of knee surgery.

We welcome surgeons, physiotherapists or other healthcare professionals with an interest in treating patellofemoral joint conditions.

The BPFS Annual Meeting occurs in January and is free to members. It is designed for surgeons, physiotherapists and professionals specialising in the treatment of patellofemoral joint disorders.

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About the society

The British Patellofemoral Society strives to improve care for patients with patellofemoral conditions. We aim to define and promote best practice in the management of patellofemoral joint conditions.


The Society will endeavour to carry out original research and analyse any available existing publications to establish the current best practice for conditions affecting the patellofemoral joint. We mainly focus on three conditions; patellofemoral pain, patella instability and arthritis.


The British Patellofemoral Society was formed in 2016 and welcomes all healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with patellofemoral conditions, including physiotherapists, surgeons and radiologists.

Join the committee

Any member of the Society is eligible to join the Committee. New BPFS committee members are voted in at the annual meeting.


Committee members are expected to attend at least 50% of the 4 annual committee meetings. The posts of president, treasurer and secretary are only open to members who have previously served on the committee. These posts are voted in at the annual meeting.


The British Patellofemoral Society welcomes a diverse committee and membership.


If you are interested in joining the Committee please register your interest here.

Committee members 2021

  • President
    Jonathan Eldridge

  • Secretary
    Vipul Mandalia

  • Treasurer
    Damian Clark

  • Academic
    Andy Metcalf

  • Web
    Helen Vint